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COAL-TAR PITCH: Coal tar is slowly heated in closed still column for its fractional or non fractional distillation. There are various methods of heating the Coal-Tar. These ate directly and indirectly heating. A) Direct Heating : Oil fired through flue tubes running through the
distillation column or by Heating through furnace system.
B) In-Direct Heating : 1. by Thermopack Heaters.
2. by Steam Boilers.
The Coal-Tar is slowly heated and the temperature of Coal-Tar is gradually increases. As the temperature of Coal-Tar reaches to hundred five degree Centigrade, Water along with BTX Fraction is evolved and the same are passed through a tower and the Goose-Neck system on top of the DC to condensing unit. Gradually the temperature of Coal-Tar is increased in varying steps to 220°C , 270°C, 315°C, 360°C to obtain the various kinds of oils (Light Creosote Oil, Heavy Creosote Oil, Anthracene Oil, Naphthalene) all these oils are passed through condensing units to obtain their respective Oils.

The said distillation is carried out either at No.
1) Atmospheric pressure
2) Under Low Vacuum Pressure
3) At High Compressed Air Pressure

Again these distillations can be carried out without or with the presence of catalysts and also with or without washing and alkali washing powder.
After the materials are ready the same may be either packed in Drums or in Gunny Bag depending on their specification. .


Such as Light Creosote Oil, Naphthalene, Heavy Creosote Oil, Anthracene Oil have their own characteristic colour, odour and are in various forms. Details of all these products are as mentioned in the chart. All the above mentioned products are manufactured as per either ISI/ASTM or customer specification. In India mostly the demand is as per the customer’s specifications and may be varying from ISI/ ASTM specification, depending on individual needs and applications. All these are very sophisticated and consumable products. LATEST DEVELOPMENT: In the mean time while we were thinking of putting one distillation plant in HUBLI [KARNATAKA], we came to know that JINDAL SOUTH WEST (JSW) are coming up with their Tar recovery Coke-Oven in TORANGALU, BELLARY (KARNATAKA). This is the first private plant in India with such a huge capacity. Their monthly production of Crude Coal-Tar will be around 2000 MT/month which will further increase up to 6000 MT/month within six months. Their plant’s commissioning date is in the middle of July 2008. And it will take not less than 2-3 years for JINDAL SOUTH WEST, TORANGALU, BELLARY [KARNATAKA] to develop another source in this part of country. In the mean time our all the investments will be returned and through that money we will further enhance our capacity by doubling it up to 4500 MT per month.


We are the trader and supplier of excellent range of Dehydrated Coal Tar. It is a viscous liquid mixture of hydrocarbon compounds and polishing on steel and aluminium components which are used for industrial purpose in many various industries,
derived, along with coke, from the destructive distillation of coal in coking ovens. Being flammable, coal tar is used for heating or to fire boilers,
for Impregnating of graphite electrode & refractory bricks, for all binding application.


These industries require Coal-Tar Pitch for manufacture of their Graphite Electrodes. The three major manufacturers of the same are CCL, HEGL & GIL. These companies are presently importing their requirement of Coal-Tar Pitch. So by this it is known there is demand in huge quantity..

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1)Anhydrous Mudgun Mass.
2)Anhydrous Through Mass.

1)Coal Tar Pitch.
2)Creosote Oil. 3)Dehydrated Tar.

We have a fleet of 50+ special vehicles
i.e. truck tankers of Eicher,
TATA for transportation of our
Finished Products and input raw materials.
Out of which we have 17 numbers
insulated tankers of Eicher
Model 35.31 i.e. 12 wheel fleet.

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